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Gastroenterologist in Kharadi - Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe

35 Years of Experience

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe a Gastroenterologist in Kharadi. Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe is a consultant with a specialty as a Gastroenterologist specialist at Asha The Clinics of Dr. Salunkhe. He is a gastroenterologist practicing in Pune since 1992 specializing in diseases related to the digestive system, liver, and pancreas.  He is known for giving time to reach a clinical diagnosis in consultation, planning very focused investigations; and giving protocol-based plans for every condition in long-term care. His practice includes Gastroenterology, Liver disease; and he has a special interest in Neurogastroenterology, the science of GI motility. He has recently set up the GI Motility divisions of Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie at Jehangir Hospital. His virtuous knowledge in this field made him the Best Gastroenterologist in Pune.

Gastroenterologist in Kharadi

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