Loose Stools over 3 weeks

Loose stools for many days

Having an unpredictable bowel habit is very disconcerting. It ruins your personal, professional as well as social life. You have a right to become normal, and a specialist would be able to find the contributing cause to what others have labelled as “IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome”.

At the outset, you need to know that in case you have “Alarm Signs” – weight loss, anemia, tiredness, painless blood in stools or black colored stools; you need to be investigated right away – this could be serious.

However, very often it may not be serious. You may just need a detailed interview with a specialist, and often just going through the history of the illness and your health record, the cause could be found. It may even be a medication given with good intent for another illness that could itself not be suiting you; else does not “mix” with the others. Even simpler, some food is the cause, and just an elimination diet be the answer.

Just one consultation could very well be the answer to your diarrhea.