Gastroenterologist in Kharadi

Gastroenterologist in Kharadi

35 Years of Medical Excellence

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe - Gastroenterologist in Kharadi

I completed my post-graduation in Surgery from B J Medical College & Sassoon Hospitals, Pune in 1996, and stood first at the University in that examination. Following this, I did super-specialty training in Surgical Gastroenterology at the G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi 1988-91. I commenced practice in Pune at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital in 1991. Since the commencement, I have restricted practice to Clinical Gastroenterology, Diagnostic & Therapeutic endoscopy. The spectrum of my work includes Hepatology (treatment options for chronic active liver disease, variceal therapy, screening, alcohol & nicotine abuse management programs, following up stable cirrhosis, etc), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (including immunomodulation protocols), Dyspepsia work-up, Oncology services (staging, screening, and palliation – stenting)

I have been a Consultant Surgeon in Gastroenterology at the Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, Koregaon Park, Pune-1 between 1991 and 2009. Here, I was a DNB teacher, and covered topics in digestive disease for students of Medicine, Surgery as well as Family Medicine. I have participated in GI Oncology services (as well as teaching in the DNB Oncology program). Administratively, I have looked after the GI Endoscopy services; and have been a part of the Hospital Infection Control Committee since 1998.

I was the Director of an extremely efficient high-volume Endoscopy unit at Noble Hospital, Magarpatta Road between 2007 and 2013, where we recorded a consistent incremental annual growth of 13-15% per year. This has been possible due to efficient Management Principles for Workflow.

Since 2013, I have been associated with the departments of Gastroenterology at Ruby Hall Clinic at Wanowarie & Inamdar Hospital. I have developed the services for GI motility in the eastern part of the city at Ruby Hall Clinic at Wanowarie, and head the Division of GI motility at Jehangir Hospital.

I have been a Scientific Committee member with many National Conferences, and since the year 2000, have been on the Scientific Committee of the bi-annual International Conference on Therapeutic Endoscopy being held by the Institute of Advanced Endoscopy (previously the Digestive Disease Centre), Mumbai. I was the Conference Joint Secretary of the 2008 National Conference for Hospital Infection Society, held in Pune. The Hospital Infection Society concerns itself with nosocomial infections & making protocols to prevent them.

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My Work Ethic

Evidence Based Medicine: Medicine is a rapidly changing & evolving science. Your need is to be offered advice which is State of art. The need of the hour is to adapt what’s new into the current paradigm. I write & periodically update “Clinical Pathways” for ALL diagnostics as well as Endoscopic procedures.

Safety in Health care

I have been involved in prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections since 1996. I am a core member of the Hospital Infection Society’s Pune Forum. I write and update sterilization practice protocols to ensure clean instruments for endoscopy. I have written policy for Antibiotic use to ensure rational use of antibiotics.

Quality Control & Training

I actively involve myself in training assistant doctors assisting me at hospitals in protocol based learning so you are get care with the same skill each time. Treating patients is a team effort; the outcome depends on the average competence of the entire team, and not just the skill at the top. Nursing assistants undergo a structured and supervised SOP based training in assisting in endoscopic surgery, as well as handling of sophisticated medical equipment. I thus contribute to updating their skills as well as encourage an atmosphere of Quality consciousness. My entire effort is to create a Knowledge Management atmosphere. Thus, the cost of “being fast” is not paid by “remaining incomplete”. You should leave satisfied with the quality of care & completeness of advice you get regarding your condition, and this should be uniform through all days. The care is punctual and courteous, sensitive to the needs of the elderly as well as specially enabled persons.